Sour Diesel

Full Steam Ahead & Don't Spare the Engines!

Royal Queen Hanfsamen

Sour Diesel takes practically forever (12 full weeks) to get you there, but it'll be one helluva trip! As a 75% Sativa, she's packed to the brim with power & mind-blowing effect. If you're looking for quality, quantity & massive THC, these 100% feminized seeds will definitely hit the spot. Order now!
  • 100% Feminized Hanfsamen
  • An Original Diesel Hybrid
  • 75% Sativa: 25% Indica
  • Authentic Dutch Quality


Pucker Up, Baby - Sour Diesel is on the Prowl!

If you need a little something, something to get your motor running, step up to Sour Diesel Hanfsamen. A High Times favourite & a close relative of the infamous Blue Dream, these fully feminized seeds are large, in-charge & always in-demand. Don't miss this chance to get 'em while you can!

  • Original Diesel X (Shiva X Northern Lights X Hawaiian)
  • 12 Week Finishes - Classic Tall Sativa
  • Only Recommended for the Most Experienced

Now, here's what you really want to know - the Sour Diesel effects are to die for! This mostly Sativa strain is up & crisp with just enough Indica to keep you firmly rooted on the ground.

Curiously delicious, this Royal Queen Hanfsamen delicacy tastes like a pungent cocktail of Chem & herbs with a sour twist. If power had a flavour, it would be Sour Diesel!

Wondering about the Sour Diesel price? No need when The Gorilla has your back! He kicks ass literally & figuratively to keep them at industry lows. In fact, we guarantee you won't find these potent cannabis seeds for less anywhere else! If you do, let us know & we'll take care of it.

Grab Your Sour Diesel Weed Hanfsamen Today - They're Crazy Good!

NB: Don't get so excited about your new cannabis seeds that you do anything shady. Germination, cultivation & growing marijuana seeds is still illegal in most places, so don't do anything we wouldn't do - and we would never commit a crime.


Indoor Ja
Outdoor Ja
Cannabis Genetics Original Diesel X (Shiva X Hawaiian X Northern Lights)
Flowering Time 12 weeks
THC Strong
Cup Winner Nein
Medical Nein
Height Info tall
Height notes 100 to 150 cm
Auto flowering Nein
Flavour Pungent Mix of Lemon, Chem & Herb
Aroma Powerful
Flowering Outdoors Late October
Yield Good
Yield Notes 60 to 80 grams/seed
Indica 100% Nein
Sativa 100% Nein
Mainly Indica Nein
Mainly Sativa Ja
Sativa / Indica ratio 75% Sativa: 25% Indica
Greenhouse Ja
Mix Packs Nein
Royal Queen Hanfsamen is one of the biggest breeders in The Netherlands & it's easy to see why. Practically every year, this bunch puts out a new set of cannabis seeds that's better than the last. They have all the bases covered too with a wide selection of feminized seeds, a rapidly expanding variety of autoflowering genetics & a small, but very exclusive, group of high-powered medical strains. No matter what you're looking for, you'll find it at Royal Queen Hanfsamen. All mothers are 100% organic for your safety.